When I started working on the at-st I didn’t plan on doing a step by step, but it just kinda happened.

Step 1 preparation. When I opened it I noticed the base was very uneven so I had to put it into hot water in order to bend it flat. I then started with a brown primer.

While the scenario included talks about a recently crashed at-st, I felt that the model screamed old overgrown wreck. I planned on working from the ground up with rust.

Step 2 rust. I painted on a very watered down dark brown to the at-st parts. Followed by splatter on some heavy watered down orange on pieces I though could be rusty (picture mixing)

Step 3 at-st armor. Time to start with the grey parts of the vehicle. I drybrush with a dark grey. The reason I drybrush is because I want to keep the rust I worked on in step 2.

I’m doing 3 coats until I’m satisfied with the coverage.

Step 4 wash. Time for a wash, I used gw agrax earthshade, but any brown wash will do. I’m using brown wash to give a more wheatered look.

Step 5. Time to start lighting up the grey, starting with the grey I used before, but with a little bit of white.

I then go with 2 more steps of drybrushing while adding more white each time.

Feeling it lacked depth, I used very watered down black paint on the blast holes, battle damage and vents.

A few last touches using white with a little grey on a few edges as a final highlight.

At-st part done.

Part 2 the base

Step 1 Dirt. I started by painting all the sand parts with a dark brown, in this case I use gw rhinox hide wich is what I use for base color in my rebel army. Then I painted all the rocks black.

Step 2 sand highlight. I drybrush all the sand with a lighter brown.

Step 3 Rocks. I drybrush all the rocks with a dark grey followed by more coats adding more white as I go until I’m happy with the results.

At-st and base painted and done. I give the model a matt varnish spray then it’s time for flocking.

Part 3 Flocking.

Step 1. I use a mix of pva glue and water (70/30) that I brush on in patches before putting on some flock grass then turning the model over and give some light taps to lose the non stuck grass.

I do this in patches because I find it easier and it dosen’t get as messy with grass every where.

Step 2 extra touches. I then add some grass tufts and lycen so it fits the rest of my rebel and terrain bases. I also added a few patches of bush that I had left over from making trees at a few places on the wreck to make it look a bit overgrown. (Pic missing).

The downed At-st is all done.

This was a fun model to work on and despite it being a bit uneven out of the box it was pretty easy to fix with hot water. The price tag is a bit high, but I look forward to playing the scenario some day soon.

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