I mixed togheter some paint from blue, green and brown doing som pretty crude layer work.

This is because I want this to be seen under the pva glue. I put alot of glue, but careful to avoid it going over any edges. I let them dry with a covering box to avoid 1 billion cat hairs that is covering everything else in our apartment.

The two small pools ended up great. Sadly the big one rose in the middle pushing the glue to the sides and spillning some over sadly. The drying time also exceded my expectation. I was thinking about 24h, but it was more around 72h.

My last steps was to add some grass on the base as well as some tufts in the water. I used my hot gluegun to make some nicer borders and make the tufts look half submerged. I also made some bubbles with the gluegun. I might go all gluegun next time. Then I added 2 layers of gloss varnish on the water.

The end result for the small ones is great, but the large one didn’t get the same nice effect. I think for future water terrain, I will avoid large circles and make them a bit more random in shape.

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