A terrain piece I got inspired to make after a game at “Spelens hus” in Sweden. They hade large pools of water we used in our game. I think we need more terrain like this that is just negative and offers no cover, but slowing down troops. Otherwhise you just get 2 armies of troopers sitting in heavy cover taking potshots at eachother.

I also recently purchased clear pva glue so I really wanted to give water terrain a go.

I cut out one large circle board and 2 smaller ones out of thin mdf. I then grinded down the middle of them. Later i used spacklet and decorative rocks to build up the sides so I lager could get some real depth to the water.

I added a stick and some rocks to the big one for a little fair, then based the pieces with sand/pva/water mix as usual then primed it brown. I then started the painting process with a sea green. I plan to get some crude layering done so it will look like the water goes from shallow to depth, even after i put on the pva.

Join med next time when we finished these pools.

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