So a lot of stuff has been happening with legion recently. Lead designer is gone, AMG is taking over and we got a new rules reference with tons of new points and changes. I was gonna make an article about tips and tricks, but with all the stuff going on I decided to share my thoughts on the new points and erratas. Enjoy 😊.

Neutral cards
Big things here is aggressive tactics going up from 10-15. Rebels have few units that need surges and we don’t have that same order control of CIS or the empire, nor the token sharing of Clones. So for rebels It’s nice to see this staple card getting an increase since it’s very powerful.

Force reflexes going down to 5 is a surprise as it’s IMO mandatory on Luke and Vader. Having that extra dodge for deflect is such a huge boost in defence. Battle meditation and force guidance is also cheaper. With the coming card force barrier, I see force users being able to take a more support role in armies, all though Luke is still gonna be point and click lightsaber missile in most cases

Environmental gear and grappling hooks got dropped to 2 and 1 respectively wich is natural since the new ascension cables are out for only 4 points doing both their effect but better even with the exhaust drawback. Easier to fit these things in on some special forces units or corps when u got extra points. Emergency stims went from 8 to 12 and now back to 10. A middle ground and probably a good place for a good card. Not really as impactful as it used to be due to the increase in firepower and other defence upgrades, but a nice thing to drop on some key units that often gets close to the enemy for a potential extra activation. Han, Jyn, Chewie, Sabine and more will enjoy the point decrease.

Lastly I can’t remember if grenades and generators got decreased last time or if it was this time. Grenades aren’t used that much by rebels in my experience, but barrage generator is pretty nice on a fd cannon with linked targeting array.

Rebel specific cards
Jedi mind trick got changed from range 1-2 to range 1. I pretty much only use it on jedi Luke for his 1 pip card all though it had the potential to put out 4 suppression on a unit to make em panic in a last first activation with Luke. Since it now can’t touch operatives and got limited to range 1 I think it’s only worth using with Luke if you pick his new 1 pip card.

Sabines darksaber and combat shield got reduced to my surprise. The darksaber is nice, but hard to use since Sabine lacks charge. However it gives her both immune pierce against melee and dauntless with is an amazing ability for an operative with 2 courage. If you have a commander with 3 courage (cough Jyn cough) and strict orders it will allow Sabine to get move-attack or move-arm despite starting her activation with 6 suppression (with faceup order ofc). Granted if you need the points elsewhere you can skip it, but for only 15 points dauntless is worth it alone. Shield isn’t amazing on a unit with such a solid defence, but not bad to help against sniper dmg, being reduced makes it more reasonable when compared to e-stims.

Spoiler alert!, no wait wrong series

Landspeeder got all of its big weapons reduced. With the new transport open rules, I can see it coming back into rebel lists. Transporting Han, Leia or even Luke forward in style. Perhaps Lando will have synergy with vehicles and be a good choice to ride along. However I think I won’t deck out the landspeeder with more than the medium blaster If I’m gonna go with transporting a wip. The units can be shot and shoot out of the transport, but they gain heavy cover. Solo could use the speed boost forward and don’t worry about suppression slowing him down. Leia can combine with Chewie in order to use his brains and brawn card easier. Since her weapon is range 2 and Chewie is range 3, Leia could use a speed boost and her pistol with sharpshooter 2 is also very good so she can ride shotgun and do drivebyes. 

If this becomes the new meta, Im happy πŸ™‚

At-rt laser cannon got reduced to 10 and the airspeeder harpoon dropped to 0. The laser cannon have a hard time when not facing enemy vehicles so I like that it got dropped. Only 65p is a steal and even though rotary is gonna be the best due to it being effective to most targets, a cheap at-rt is nice. At least you aren’t paying as much for the laser in the gamble of facing enemy armor. At-rt snipers from the early days of legion might come back as 3 of them is only 195p. The harpoon being free is good since the ground buzzer is far superior, but if you don’t wanna pay the points you still get a rear arc weapon. While managing a harpoon pivot is a fun thing to do, it’s incredible hard to pull off since it’s only 1 die and can be saved against and of course it’s very weak vs vehicles in cover.

Bistan got dropped in points and both Bistan and Pao gained 2hp. A nice boost for pathfinders that alot of people argued for since the clan wren box came out. This also opens up for future mini characters to be added to squads. 

Most rebel corp units heavy weapons and personel got dropped in points. Heavy weapon wise I don’t think much will change except that the ion gun is down to 18 and actually cheaper than the Z-6. Could be worth using one if more heavies are being used. The fleet trooper grenade launcher is down to the same cost as the scattergun, but without cycle I don’t know if it’s worth it. Rebel captain, officer, trooper is gonna be more attractive with the point drop since they were good options before the drop. Rebel veteran is down to 9 so it’s the same as coms specialist. Depends if you want hq uplink on them or not. Rebel specialist is still pretty meh, but you can take him + environmental gear and grappling hooks for a very mobile objective securing unit. The big surprise is the veteran heavy weapon that is down to 26p and got range 4!
This is great news for rebel veterans who can now throw 4 white dice with critical 2 on range 4. Sadly this makes fleet troopers even more obsolete despite their point decrease.

Wedge got dropped to 1 points wich is pretty funny. Auto include on a single airspeeder since a free pivot for 1p is an absolute steal.

Rebel units
Chewie got another 5 point drop and gained scale and lethal on meele. He was good and now he is even better. I doubt lethal will have that much use since he has no good way of getting aim tokens unless you play him with Han and the units that can tank his pool of red dice often have imperivous or immune pierce anyway, but It’s a nice little boost.

Fleets got dropped to 40. However they needed much more than that so they won’t do much wonder outside of skirmish I fear. I might try them out in some lists though.

Both Jyn and Han got dropped to 100p. Jyn is a big surprise since she was recentlt dropped to 110 from 130p. Granted her defence isn’t the greatest despite danger sense, but 100p is crazy for a courage 3 commander. A big reduction for Sabine Jyn combo this time. Han could have used a 30p decrease, but at least he is cheaper. His defence is meh since low profile isn’t doing much, uncanny luck is also pretty meh compared to danger sense 4 as you get to roll the dice even on 1 hit attacks, while re-rolls can’t be used on the same dice. He also has a hard time of doing much with his pistol since he can only kill 1 model in heavy cover per attack and his courage is a real handicap. His command cards are great, but with Jyn being the same cost there isn’t that much that speaks for Solo sadly. Still at least he is cheaper than before and he boosts Chewie.

Jedi Luke got 5p off wich is weird since he is a beast of a unit, boosted with situational awareness I expected a point increase. 5p from his cost and reflexes down 5 makes my Jedi Luke 10p cheaper wich is an unexpected surprise.

Both rebel commandos and rebel pathfinders got a 10p drop. I still think commandos needs something more since I still think snipers or pathfinders being the best in the special slot along with the new mando’s. However a normal commando squad is at least cheaper for use. I was hoping for a boost to low profile to help han and commandos, but no such “uncanny” luck.

Wookies got scale and a new keyword wich so far does nothing. They got duelist so they gain extra boost when using dodge and aim tokens in meele. However unless you use offensive push they have a hard time getting these tokens while moving into close combat. They got dropped in points, but not much. I was hoping for 5p per wookie, but we got 2p. The bowcaster got 4p drop. Sadly while they are better than before the same problem remains. Expensive in a competitive slot (special forces), they’ve lack a meele heavy weapon and lose models fast with a β…™ save. Hopefully they do something with wookie trooper to help them further.

Airspeeder and landspeeder dropped in base cost. The airspeeder is now down a total 40p, gained surge-crit, -10p on weapons, wedge is almost free and it’s immune to range 1 weapons. I think it’s finally on the level it needs to be. The landspeeder is still very fragile, but at least it’s not as expensive anymore. The ion shark is now down to 137p.

Wait wrong game
  • X-34
  • Ion blaster
  • Rocket girl
  • Ryder 
  • Hq uplink
    Just slow roll with speed 1 comp, fire and then recover. High impact and ion does a big dent in armor units.

If we start to see more heavies with this recent change as well as droidekas being cheaper I think this is a valid choice. It’s only 7p more than 2 laser at-rt and you get the ion effect.

Tauntauns and R2 got a point increase. Secret mission is very powerful and this is a fair increase wich makes it a little higher investment especially if you add on 3P0. Tauntauns got a higher price on situational awareness wich I think is amazing on them. With these changes combined they are 101p with that upgrade and it reflects their power level better. Being 4 wounds a head with 2 dodges most activations and doing 5 actions they are very powerful for being a trooper unit. The new point cost fits that better. Also they no longer gain dodges from moves anymore instead from move actions. So no more triple dodges from Leia’s no time for sorrows. A fair change and it opens up tauntauns for use without Leia.

Lastly the generic rebel officer got 5p cheaper. It shaves off even more point for my double airspeeder list ^^.

Other changes
The mark 2 medium blaster emplacement trooper got an extra wound. This is something I have been talking since it released. Being stuck with a cumbersome range 3 weapon it was very much in the line of fire unlike it’s empire counterpart. I think it used to be the most fragile unit in the game with 3hp and β…“ save. 4 hits and you got a β…” chance of it dying. Being 2p more than the mortar was just salt in the wound. This with the range increase for the veterans weapon really boosts their place on the battlefield as a mini special forces choice.

We thank you for your service

Sabotaged communications is still hard to get a good use from, but now it reduced the amount of orders from the card to 1 instead of by 1. A small, but welcome change. The empires card was in a much worse state and finally got useful. Son of Skywalker was just a clarification if I understand it correctly.

Rebels got a lot of changes this time around and IMO for good reason as several units were either too highly priced, poorly designed or just weaker than their competition in their slots. The fact that 5/6 unit cards that have been errata:ed was rebel speaks for their problems.

The winners are Jyn erso, Sabine, veterans pathfinders and the airspeeder. Jyn erso dropped in a whopping 30points giving her lists much more to play with. I think she is gonna be most popular or top 2 popular commander going forward for that nice courage bubble and flexible battlefield role. Sabines equipment got 15p cheaper if you take both and she was already strong with the addition of situational awerness. Veterans range increase and extra wound on their detachment is huge. Finally pathfinders a solid, but potential fragile unit got a decrease and extra wounds on their leaders. I think all these 4 (5 with emplacement) units will get alot more table time in the future. The airspeeder got even more cheaper than before and finally offensive surge to put it’s red and black dice on point. Being surge – crit is gonna be a huge dmg boost if you use targeting array. Also with speeder comp move now being either at start of end of the activation it’s gonna be much easier to double tap units or get targets in both arcs.

Jedi Luke, rebel troopers, generic officer and chewbacca were already good, but the decrease at least future proofs them a bit. Hopefully more people will see the potential and keep using these. I can’t complain on these.

However Han Solo, fleet troopers, wookies and to some extent the landspeeder needed a little more than point decreases. Fleets got cheaper but so did rebel troopers, and their other competition veterans got buffed. They still have a hard time outside skirmish games. Han solo got a big decrease, but he still suffers from low courage and meh offense with 2 dice and sharpshooter 1 even with gunslinger. With Jan ors and Cassian in the same point range he is still the weaker option. However at least Chewie and Han are stronger and cheaper together. Commandos are in similar place. They got good offense and are a bit cheaper however compared to the new pathfinders I don’t see the point. I rather have infiltrate than scout, rather danger sense over low profile and pathfinders have more flexible weapons. They aren’t bad as in unplayable, but compared to your other choices they are the weaker choice. A change in low profile or a possible Han Solo Commandos combo like sabines has with clan wren or entourage kind of ability could push them over the line. Lastly wookies are a little bit better, but so are it’s competition and I think we have to wait for something with the wookie trooper keyword to make them more attractive as a choice. Don’t take this as a complete sawing of these units as they still work, they just aren’t as flexible or powerful as other choices in their unit slot IMO. The landspeeder I think we have to wait and see if the new transport rule will be powerful or just jank. It’s an ok weapon platform vs armor, but otherwise I think double rotary at-rt is the better choice.

The units that got nerfs/increases were both justified with tauntauns and R2 as the action economy, mobility, durability and firepower of tauntauns are so strong for their points and R2 for bringing so much with secret mission, repair and command cards for his low cost.

Rebels comes out swinging from his rules reference and we probably won’t see another big change for at least 6 months and quite possibly not for another year. Hopefully we see some expansion that does something with wookie troopers and maybe Lando gets a command card that can work with vehicles.

For our enemies the clones got turned down a peg with point increases and loss of standby sharing. Some units did need slight increases compared to rebel and empire counterparts, but the standby sharing never felt too strong for me. Granted I never played any online tournaments were it’s probably easier to create this big standby chain.

rip standby

Empire got some love for their heavies especially the occupier since it’s now a more proper transport instead of a deathtrap. Shore troopers got a small increase with focus on the amazing t-21b heavy weapon, maybe we get to see more stormies and snows instead of endless shorelines. Very excited to see the huge drop on Boba, his command cards are still a little weak compared to the new stuff that sprinkles on tokens with every order, but at least we will see him again.

What do you mean, field commander??

CIS can now use the tank as a commander, moving past their expenive commander tax. We might start seeing higher activation lists from them as well as more droidekas. Glad that all rebel ion weapons got reduced in points. I think they will benefit alot from the coming specialist box.

Get ready to hear this alot from CIS players ^^

With the recent news it’s impossible to tell the future of the game. However with the new units coming out and this major patch that fixed alot of stuff, but not all I think the game is in a very good spot. I just hope the new team will build from the solid foundation and not throw the bantha out with the bathwater. Also hopefully this covid nightmare can’t end soon enough so I can get more games in.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and speak up what you want to see coming up. Now I have to rework all my lists of you excuse me.

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