Fleet troopers

Did you hear that R2?

Coming in at a base cost of 44p with an extra trooper for 11p, just 1 point more than rebel troopers. Same speed, hp, courage and save. They got access to 2 heavy weapons, grenades and gear. They are however quite different in their playstyle. They are a glass cannon or hammer unit. they hit hard, but are very brittle. They require a much offensive playstyle than the normal troopers.

I’m ready for anything, *lightsaber sound…except that

Unit options and abilities

Unlike their normal trooper friends the fleet troopers got both defensive surge and surge-hit. They only have one ability and that is the steady keyword which gives the unit one aim token after they perform the standby action. 

The standby action is hard to use successfully since it’s very easy to counter. If you receive a suppression token you lose your standby, so in other Words any unit that attacks your standby unit need only one die with a hit result and you Lost your standby. I have used it successfully once and faced it once or twice. If you can place yourself behind a los blocking piece of terrain and your opponent wants to get past it or if they want to engage in melee and need multiple move actions to so it then it can give you a successful standby attack with an aim token. However since it’s limited to range 2, I recommend that you just move and try to take a normal shot.

“Shotguns? I didn’t think anyone used projectile weapons anymore.”

Fleet troopers have access to 2 different heavy weapons. The scatter gun for 23 points and the MPL-57 grenade launcher for 33p. They can also take grenades, personnel and a gear upgrade. The scattergun is an amazing weapon and the only downside is the range 1-2 limitation, however since fleet troopers have that range on their normal gun it isn’t that big a drawback anyway. The scattergun fires 2 red dice instead of the fleet troopers normal 2 white. This adds a 1.75 average hits thanks to the surge-hit and is a heavy increase in firepower over a normal fleet troopers 0.75 average hits with 2 white. In addition to this the gun has one of the best keywords in the game pierce. Pierce # cancels the same amount of rolled blocks on defence dice, this is taking straight from the descent/imperial assault game system and the thing that makes pierce so powerful is that it cancel the dice after it’s rolled a block. So for a stormtrooper that rolls on average 0.5 blocks per die needs to roll 4 dice in order to safely block a pierce shot (according to statistics). The only downside is that pierce don’t do anything of your opponent don’t roll any blocks, however if your opponent blanks hos defence roll…well you probably didn’t need that pierce. 

Why can’t I join a rebel trooper squad?

The grenade launcher is a totally different story and I don’t know what the game designers was thinking. It has range 1-3 which doesn’t synergies with the fleet troopers 1-2 range. It’s expensive coming in at 22 points more than the normal fleet trooper and is an exhaust weapon. So for that investment, what do you get?

Well you get 1 black and 2 white dice so just 1 black die over the fleet standard. 1.375 average dmg so just shy from double the dmg of the standard 2 white. It does have some fitting keywords for a grenade launcher though, impact 2 and blast. Impact 2 is pretty good for a handheld weapon and blast ensures that cover won’t stop your hits from becoming crits. Blast can of course be combined with the rest of the troopers attack if you are at range 2 to give the entire attack blast and ignore cover. This can of course be achieved with concussion grenades at range 1 combined with the scattergun for 5 less points, and no exhaust. 

Battlefield role

Unlike rebel troopers the fleet troopers are shock troops meant to be played offensive and attack rather than the multi-purpose of rebel troopers. I also think that fleet troopers works best as 1-2 squads rather than the spammable rebel troopers. Their defence is just as weak as normal troopers and they don’t have the nimble keyword, however their offensive output is much higher. Since their range is limited they need backup by other units that don’t just sit in your backline, combined with units like Luke or Han they can make an hammer to strike at your priority targets.

Run for cover, you fools

Builds and tactics

The run and gun

  • Fleet troopers 44p
  • Scattergun trooper 23p
  • Recon intel 2p
  • Fleet trooper* (optional)

Total 69-80p

This is the basic fleet trooper squad I use, either as 1 or a pair with 2-4 rebel troopers. The scattergun combined with the 4 standard models gets 4.75 hits with pierce 1. If you fire on a stormtrooper squad without cover and score 5 hits you will drop 3.5 dudes from that squad. This is some nice firepower to have. Now the downside is that the unit needs to survive Long enough to get into range. The recon intel helps a bit and is cheap, the extra trooper is optional ,but I recommend taking it of you can as every trooper adds 0.75 hits and you will lose a few on your way forward. My tactic with these guys is to hug los blocking terrain if it’s possible. I try to get them into position where they stand behind a wall or building where they can run out and attack any unit that comes within range of a speed 2 move and range 2. Don’t be afraid to leave them in the open after a attack like this, the dmg you inflict will be worth it, but of course use cover if you can.

This brings me into the Luke Slingshot: Luke Skywalker with force push is these guys best friend. You position these guys with Luke for round 2 or 3, then you use the command card my ally is the force to give both Luke and the fleets an order token and a dodge token. You then save Luke and the fleets for last, again try to hide behind los blocking terrain or at least heavy cover, the dodge token will deter enemy fire. Luke goes first and double move to get into range 1 of an enemy unit and push them out of cover towards the fleets. A speed 1 move + 1 move cohesion which you get to place covers quite a bit of difference. Then you fleet troopers have a fine target right in the open to shoot. Either move shoot or possible aim shoot of you set it up perfectly. Luke can next turn go Son of Skywalker and go after a commander or valuable unit.

The barrage 

  • Fleet troopers 44p
  • Mpl-57 barrage trooper 33p
  • Fleet trooper 11p

Total 88p

At first I didn’t see any reason to take fleet troopers without the scattergun and against empire… I still don’t, however vs rebels I actually prefer it. Rebels are far more dependent on cover and very few units have a decent defend die so pierce is not as necessary and against such units like Luke, he is immune to pierce. The optimal way for this unit to work is of you can find a target att range 2 for the troopers then split fire with the launcher att some other small unit, like a strike team or vehicles. This is easier said than done of course. This unit doesn’t have to play as offensive as the scattergun unit and can stay in the middle and use the launcher to hurt vehicles, specifically at-rt’s and landspeeders who either comes with cover or can get it thanks to their relatively small models. Then if something comes within strike distance go and shoot with your regular guns. Depending on what units the clones and cis bring, these guys might be more useful, but for now if you face a lot of rebels with vehicles then these guys are worth a shot. 

This is what happens when you don’t take cover


Fleet troopers have access to grenades, gear and personnel.

The only grenade I would give them is the concussion grenades, it gives a nice dmg boost against units in cover and fleet trooper fire at range 1 or 2 anyway. Impact grenades gives you a black die that with surge-hit is worse than 2 whites and frag grenades only gives each trooper a boost of 0.125 average hits and the surge-crit isn’t as powerful when they already have surge-hit.

There is 3 gear upgrades that I would use on fleets

Recon Intel. It’s cheap and gets you closer to your targets.
Environmental Gear. Also cheap and helps you get to your targets faster. It’s however dependent on terrain.
Emergency Stims. Expensive, but it gives you fleets a chance to still strike with their full strength. It’s a backup in case your opponent can activate before you and shoot your fleet troopers, you can still lose 2 guys and strike back at full strength. You will of course lose them after their activation, but these guys are all about dealing dmg, not surviving.

That is my thoughts on Fleet troopers. Agree/disagree?, you have any nice tactics or stories with fleet troopers?

Let me know in the comments!

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