I really enjoy making terrain. You can make it out of any kind of junk or just combine different cheap material. To legion I stick to a star wars theme, but you can use alot of this terrain in other games. This one will be very star wars. I purchased a revell kit x wing cheap on an auction site. It’s around 1/72 in scale so it’s to small for legion wich scale is around 1/48. However when crashed the scale isn’t as noticeable.

I started with assembling the model then I attacked it with my exacto knife and handrill. I had an image of how it crashed and where the parts should be and I’m pretty happy with the results.

I hotglued everything on a mdf board that i cut out. My idea for this terrain is to make it a big piece that will be difficult for troopers and provide only light cover. Recently I have been pondering how to make more terrain pieces that either favours vehicles or aren’t optmised for troopers, since the current meta isn’t that friendly to vehicles.

Next step was basing. I use sand, pva and water that I mix around 40% sand, 40% glue and 20% water. The reason I mix in sand is that I can shape it more than just glue and water and it gives a thicker texture. I use an old brush to put this out and a barbeque stick to shape it or push it into cracks. The I add sand and small rocks on this and then turn it upside down and give it some light taps to remove any excess sand.

Join me next time when we start painting this bad boy.

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