Battle report, Unit Analysis

Battle summary and thoughts on new points

It’s been a while since I could play some Legion. Been busy with school and other things. I finally got a game in and decided to test some units that gotten point reduction.

Rebel list 797/800
-Leia Organa
Commanding presence
Environmental gear

Emergency stims

-Mark 2 medium blaster
-Rebel troopers
mpl-s7 trooper
-Rebel troopers x2
Z-6 trooper
-Rebel veterans
Cm-0/93 trooper
Hq uplink
Rebel comms technician

Special forces
-Rebel pathfinders
Duck and cover
Recon intel

-T-47 airspeeder
Ax-108 ground buzzer
Linked targeting array
Outer rim speeder jockey

Commanding presence is a nice upgrade, but 10 points was a bit much, now it’s a contender with esteemed leader and other stuff when down to 5p.

Chewbacca got a point reduction and with the stuff I put on him, he was about the base cost used to be. I think Chewbacca have been underated and didn’t need a reduction, but I don’t complain 😛

The ion troopers got a 8 cost reduction and are nice thing to have in your army. I doubt I will not have at least one of these in my army in future.

Pathfinders is the same point cost, but the very good duck an cover is not 4 and a staple on them thanks to danger sense, also the A-300 config is now free. So this unit I got 10 points cheaper than before. Infiltrate is a nice ability and I think these can compete with commandos for real now.

The huge thing was a fully kited airspeeder that comes in at 10 points less than the normal base cost. This is such a good thing for this amazing model. I really look forward playing alot with this one. The janky harpoon gun is only 3p so you might as well use it if you play with the speeder and skip the buzzer gun.

I faced an imperial list led by a generic officer and tested 2 shoretrooper squads with mortal teams. Also an AT-ST with 3 weapons and surge-hit pilot. It’s so fun to se both armies having these centerpiece units.

We spotted imperial walkers!

We played the scenario in downed at-st. It was fun to finally put this beautiful terrain piece to work. First turn the was an orbital bombardment as well as a airspeeder shot that dropped a few imperial troopers.

Infiltrare pathfinders are great for objective matches

In turn 3 the pathfinders took a pounding of at-st and mortar fire. The airspeeder took some dmg on the way towards the imperial line, but it strafed a squad of stormtroopers and killed of them.

With good use of Leia’s 2 pip command card and hq-uplink veterans 4 units could rush towards the at-st and the veterans picked up the objective.

“No time for sorrows”

The at-st kept pounding the rebel troopers behind the downed at-st. While the airpseeder flew past the at-st and opened fire with both the ground buzzer and forward guns.

The speeder dropped to 2 hp and got imobilized wich made it harder to turn around and shoot the at-st. I had to spend an entire activation to comp move and pivot. However the ion-troopers did a bananas roll on the at-st. That + pot shots from chewie put on a nice deal of dmg.

Think we will see alot more of these tokens.

The airspeeder had finally turned around and faced the at-st in the weakpoint. Sadly the at-st activated first and killed the veterans holding the objective. The airspeeder despite aim token only delivered 2 damaged though the defence. Bad time for dice fail. However awesome to get the airspeeder in the at-st’s weakspot.

Chewie did alot of guarding wich eventually led to his death

Grrhg uul

So when the final turn is about to begin, the at-st is destroyed and a single trooper leader is holding the objective. The empire had no way of claming the objective and winning, however it would take a miracle for the rebels to claim victory.

Despite my best effort to destroy the top positioned shoretroopers with a early speeder activation, the defence dice where strong with this one and only one trooper died. They then destroyed the rebel holding the objective leading to a draw.

However anyone can win the act 2 mission so will see who comes out on top.

Thought on the points erratta:

Chewie is still a crazy guardian beast and the reduction is just sugar on top.

Alot of expensive upgrade cards have become cheaper and the options for every unit has increased.

The airspeeder and at-st is back and better than ever. It’s great for the game that we now will see more of these centerpiece units. Targeting array was nice for the early attacks, but eventually it moved beyond even my range 4 command range. So maybe long range comlink is the way to go.

Pathfinders I haven’t played with enough, but with the reduction of their upgrade cards, I think they will be a viable pick just to win some objectives.

The new snipers are still powerful, but they must now use move actions and the scout move is now a very useful ability that must be used if you want to get early shots. It’s great that they cant just sit back at the table edge and aim-shoot non stop.

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