Battle report

Alphaspel Prime Tournament Statistics 29/2

Who dosen’t love numbers

 The 29/2 I attended the Alphaspel Legion Prime tournament in Stockholm. I wanted to do some analysis and check the current meta and how different factions and units performed in the tournament, as well as checking any trends of fun obeservations. I will also post a tournament report from my point of view. We were a total of 20 players

First we have a look at factions:

Since Seperatists and Republic are so new, it’s no suprise that they are fewer. Almost half the players played Empire though.

Next we check win ratio of the factions. Empire did well, but about as many wins as losses. Rebels did handle themself the best and both seperatists and republic didn’t do as well. Not suprised that the new factions didn’t do overall well, however republic had a real struggle.

How many of each faction made it to the top 8. Pretty even overall, with rebels just a tiny bit more effective.

Next I checked how many of each commander was represented. Interesting note: No Emperor nor commander Luke. Luke is understandable with the new operative out, but not a single Emperor in a majority empire turnout.

Veers was the most popular commander, however he didn’t do to well.

Top 5 effective commanders. Rebel officer and Vader was very effective. Han Solo is an anomoly since only one person played him, but effective nonetheless.

How about operatives. Interesting note: 75% of top 8 played with and operative, but only 45% of all players did.

How good did they work?

Bossk went undefeated in the tournament which is interesting to note, don’t mess with the Bossk man. R2-D2 did not work out that well and the rest had a 2/1 win ratio.

Lastly I want to add some notes I found:
The average activations of the top 8 was 9.375 while the average overall was 9.2. So activations wasn’t that big a factor and it looks like 9 is the standard. Fun fact one of the undefeated lists was 8 activations.

There was no Rebel heavies but a total of 6 empire. 5 at-st and 1 occupier. 1 at-st represented in top 8.

The was no
Fleet troopers
Luke commander
Operative Vader

The most represented unit was sniper strike teams with a total off 21 sniper teams, with average of 1.05 per player. Still the most important unit besides the mandatory corps.

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